The ICI’s PERTA program was among the first international social-partner forums recognizing the need to educate labor and management leaders on retirement income security issues. In 1994, during the ICI’s annual conference at the ILO, board members adopted Resolution #14, calling for an international education program for union leaders and fund trustees; a pension information clearinghouse and research program; and an international pooled trust for investments in construction impact projects backed by government and international guarantees. Shortly after ICI’s declaration, the World Bank issued a report on social security reform, Adverting the Old Age Crisis, which called for a reform of public pension systems. In response, the PERTA program organized international conferences in Rome, Geneva, London and Madrid, and the World Bank was invited to debate its position with union leaders, academics and representatives from several international organizations including the ILO, the ISSA, the OECD and the European Commission. Following these conferences the PERTA organized several seminars and workshops in Latin America and Central and Eastern Europe and later created the Inter-American Foundation for the Development and Creation of Pension Funds for Workers, which received a three-year grant from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) to educate union leaders and other stakeholders on retirement income security issues in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay and Peru.