From 1990 through 2000, ICI associates created two construction skills training centers in Poland, one in the Warsaw suburb of Praga and another in Gydnia nearby Gdansk. The project, funded by USAID, was developed in partnership with the Solidarnosc construction union and Polish construction employers and was implemented by the Building Trades Craft Union Training Consortium in coordination with the US Department of Labor. The project also received considerable in-kind private-sector contributions from USA tool and equipment manufacturers as well as from Coca Cola and General Motors. A USAID-sponsored study carried out by the Center for Workforce Development ranked the project among its top 20 global best-practices. The study noted among several accomplishments that the project successfully brought together industry social partners (labor, management and government), provided Polish youth with employable skills, and helped alleviate the critical housing shortage in Poland. Currently both training centers are sustained locally and continue to produce highly skilled workers for the Polish construction industry.