International Construction Institute

The ICI is an international NGO that brings together construction industry social partners to advance workforce development and community impact projects in developing countries. It was founded in 1990 during the annual conference of the International Labor Organization in Geneva by the USA/Canada Building and Construction Trades Department and building trades unions in Italy and counterparts from several countries around the world. Over the years the ICI has implemented projects in Latin America, Central and Eastern Europe, Africa and the Middle East, and in addition to its workforce development and impact projects, it also works in the areas of capacity building, safety and health and employee benefits and related education programs. The technical assistance ICI brings to its projects comes via its global network of labor and management construction workforce development institutions. It has partnered with several international organizations – the ILO, WHO, UNCHS and the ISSA – and many of its projects have been funded by development aid institutions such as USAID, the European Commission and the Inter-American Development Bank. The Institute seeks grants from foundations and government aid programs and accepts donations from industry partners and associates who support its objectives.